Monday, August 20, 2007

Wednesday August 22 Live Poets Society Reading: 'Yesterday's Warning'

Wednesday August 22nd

Live Poets' Society presents YESTERDAY'S WARNING: Poets and musicians responding to Climate Change +Global Warming, featuring singer/guitarist Paul Buckberry - at Don Bank, 6 Napier St North Sydney.

Calling all poets and miusicians to have your say! We've heard plenty from scientists, environmentalits, sceptics, 'flat earth'ers, fossil-fuel floggers, businessmen, Hollywood and the Rock Archive Firmament, not to mention Tim Flannery and the odd politician. Now is the time for The Artist to make a contribution!

Doors open 7.30 pm and $7 admission includes supper and liquid refreshment.
Please bring a copy of your poem/song - the night will be recorded for possible cd/book release.
Any further details: Danny Gardner 9896 6956 or 0422 263 373 or

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