Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Live Poets - Nov 28th

Live Poets at Don Bank will wrap up for 2007 with man of letters David Brooks reading from Urban Elegies and 'unplugged rocker' Wayne Gillespie kicking out the jams from his album: Live at the Bunker and more.

As usual there's an Open Section.Doors open 7.30 at Don Bank, 6 Napier St North Sydney. $7 entry includes supper and drinks.Further info: Danny Gardner 9896 6956 or

Saturday, November 3, 2007

3 wishes - bhupen thakker

I met Bhupen wowing the crowds in Parramatta last week. More of his work can be found here.

3 Wishes - Bhupen Thakker

She maybe dying
She is 31
White is turning gold
Gold is turning purple
Purple is turning gold
Gold is pink
Pink is navy blue
Navy blue is turning indigo blue
Indigo blue is light blue
Light blue is turning green
Green is turning yellow
Yellow is turning orange
Orange is turning red
Orange is red

a 60 year old man with a beautiful 4 year old boy enter the room
sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa
The man says
Royal red
The boy sits on the ground
Endless orange
The boy touches the woman
Compassionate yellow
The boy picks up a toy
The first green reason
The boy smiles
Light blue fountain
The boy continues to hum
Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa
Strong indigo blue
The boy puts his ear to the heart machine
Navy blue now
The boy touches the woman’s head
Infinite pink
The boy touches the woman's forehead
Gold purple gold white stillness
Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa

The boy touches the woman’s eyes
The woman smiles a white smile
Royal white
Endless white
Compassionate white
The first white reason
White fountain
Strong white
White now
Infinite white
Brilliant white
Sparkling white
White strength
The boy dances
The man dances
The boy asks the woman for 3 wishes
The woman smiles
sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa

Photo source: Glen's Pics

The Bard and I

Is Shakespeare still hot? Decide after you participate in this lively late spring celebration of the Bard and contemporary poetry.

Sydney poets will recite Shakespeare and their own work in our cosmopolitan languages.Come and share your favourite soliloquy or sonnet, relate your first experience of the Bard or read your own poem. What you will, as you like it.

7pm Sat 17th November

Rudolf Steiner House, 307 Sussex St, Sydney

Cosmopolitan Sydney in Conversation

Enquiries: 02 9484 3392 Entry: $5

The Bard and I is convened by Ten Ch'in Ü (the editor and independent publisher of the anthology Mood Lightning with over 80 contributors, mostly from Sydney, which won the Wild and Woolley Prize for Best Poetry 2005).


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Your Poetry

This site isn't just an events calendar. We want your poetry. Short & sweet (less than 20 lines is good, less than 10 is better). If you have images & links that relate to your then send those too. We can't give you money but we can share the lurve. We will also "publish" mp3 recording of poetry (with or without music).

Our email is here: and our eyes & ears are open.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

life of hair - kurt johnson

Life of hair - Kurt Johnson

We die in the corner of a room,
Sucked into our tomb of felt walls,
To the grey basalt of the moon
Tangled in a ball with our brothers,
Sucked into our tomb of felt walls,
From lives spent mid notes on a desk,
Tangled in a ball with our brothers,
At the end we all start to fray,
From lives spent mid notes on a desk,
Born as blonde chutes from the earth,
At the end we all start to fray,
Uprooted by a tense hand of god,
From lives spent mid notes on a desk,
To the grey basalt of the moon,
Uprooted by a tense hand of god,
We die in the corner of a room.

Image Source: charlietyack

Saturday, October 20, 2007

forty - peter coghill

Peter can often be found at PULP's Sappho Books night where his height tests the flexibility of the mic stand and his poems charm.

Forty - Peter Coghill

I would walk forward in circles,
in a waltz, to savour side
and backward views; I would
have eyes in unlikely places
and ears for forgotten songs.
I would walk spinningly,
a tourist, with hanging mouth,
round the ruins of my youth.

Image source: maproomsystems

to r.i.p - onur karaozbek

Onur "Ka" Karaozbek is a great performer and has generously provided this item for the poetry blog - and also the photograph below...

To R.I.P

City streets packed, every step a new person
But none looks back at me
Even I gaze and I stare,
Even I smile and I greet
Later that day hours of grid lock
Screaming men, screaming women
But no one screams at me
After I swerve on the old lady driving a Volvo,
After I crash in to the bus full of kids
At night no one is around
The light from the corner shop is humming
Birds flying away, ignoring me,
When I scatter around packs of seeds
When I scatter around packs of seeds
I keep going, I want to be seen
To be known, to be felt, to be understood
To be to be to be to be to… behind the tree a girl is sitting
Which I offer a ride
But she looks right through me
Even I am right in her face
Even I am right in her face
Then the 17 days of rain
I am as dry as one can be
Not even a drop hit my face
While I kept looking up to see them fall down,
While I kept watching them feed the ground
Feed the ground that I stand on
Feed the ground that I sit on
Feed the ground that I lie on
Feed the ground that I lie in
Feed the ground that I live in
Feed the ground that I am in now
Then I realised there is no return
I kept watching the rain feed the ground,
I kept watching the dirt
I kept watching the dirt …
I kept watching the dirt coming down…
I kept watching the dirt coming down on me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

brett whiteley studio - jane gibian - sunday oct 28

Sunday October 28 Brett Whiteley Studio Reading: Jane Gibian, author of The Body’s Navigation (FIP) and long shadows (Vagabond). Also, Petra White, author of The Incoming Tide (John Leonard Press), published in Best Australian Poems (2004; 2006). Readings fourth Sunday of the month from 2pm, 2 Raper Street Surry Hills. Free entry. Guest Poet and Open Mic. Enquiries Brook Emery 0410 406 149

Poets Union seek space

Since the mid-nineties the Poets Union have enjoyed the support of Leichhardt Council which, in addition to sponsoring the Leichhardt Poetry Slam and the Leichhardt New Media Poetry Prize, has allowed us to occupy two rooms at the Balmain Town Hall complex at a modest rent ($66 per week, including GST). Unfortunately, Leichhardt Council plans to redevelop and extend the library and our tenure will cease at the end of the year.

We are currently in discussion with the City of Sydney regarding a poetry centre, but should this come to fruition it will be some time hence and we need accommodation in the meantime.

As a non-profit arts organisation, we are not able to pay commercial rents, but our status as a tax exempt charity and as a deductible gift recipient would allow a benefactor to claim as a tax deduction, the difference between the rent we pay and the property’s commercial value.

Should you have a suitable space, please contact me at the numbers below.

A brief history of the Poets Union and list of its committee follow.

Should you require documentation attesting our income tax exempt charity status; or status as a deductible gift recipient, please contact the Poets Union office.

Jutta Sieverding
Poets Union
Office: 9818 5366 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Mobile: 0438 415 712 (anytime)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WORDjaMMin' @ BAr Me Tuesday 16th OcT

This month we feature poets Bravo and Benito DeFonzo accompanied by some fine musicianship. Wordjammin' @ Bar Me is a night of poetry and music that features different guest poets and musicians each month. These artists will come together in a principally improvised format and the result is
What: Wordjammin'
When: Tuesday 16 October 2007
Where: 154 Brougham Street, Kings Cross

Wordjammin' @ Bar Me is on the third Tuesday of the month, 154 Brougham Street, Kings Cross. Drs open at 7.30pm for 8.00pm, $10.00. For more information contact Angela Stretch mobile: 0434 898 578 or eme:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

wednesday october 24 - Live Poets Society / Carolyn Gerrish

Guest Poet is Carolyn Gerrish who will read from her fourth collection Dark Laughter and new work. Also, Open Section (anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or play an instrument). R

eadings held fourth Wednesday of the month at the Don Bank Museum North Sydney, 7.30 - 10.30pm. $7 admission includes supper and drinks. Details, 9896 6956 or 0422 263 373 or

wednesday october 10 - PULP / Danny Gardner

PoetryUnLimitedPress Reading is:
Wednesday October 10, 7pm - 9pm,
Sappho Books & Cafe,
51 Glebe Pt Road
Ph 9552 4498.

This month's Guest Poet Danny Gardner is a poet, journalist & convenor of the 18 years strong Live Poets' Society Readings. Danny co-edited the last three Live Poets' Press anthologies and is the author of the collections Hope In Progress and Made In Public.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ode to vegemite - becca kellaway

Becca Kellaway actually lives in Melbourne at the moment. But she rocked Sappho Books a couple of weeks ago and here is a suitably nationalistic number for youse all...

Ode To Vegemite
A tribute to Keats

O! Vegemite.
That molten onyx,
Oozing over the rough
Crumbling toast.
As my stainèd teeth
Rip into your skin,
As my blackened tongue
Pierces your sticky centre.
O! Vegemite.
Oh, oh Vegemite.
As peristalsis
Takes its tangy toll.
As you slither down my oesophagus,
O! Vegemite.
O! Sweet choking Vegemite.
Soothe the acids of my gut.
Writhe inside my big fat pot.
O! Vegemite
O! Vegemite.

Photo souce: misscaro

Saturday, September 1, 2007

poetry of politics

Friday September 28: 'Poetry of Politics' session @ Politics In The Pub from 7pm (time TBC) on Friday 28th September, The Gaelic Club, Devonshire Street Surry Hills.

live poets society - kate maclurcan & ben ezra - sept 26

Wednesday September 26: Live Poets Society Reading: Guests KATE MACLURCAN (singer/songwriter), and Poet-musician in Hip-Hop and Spoken Word BEN EZRA, with Open Section. Readings the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Don Bank Museum North Sydney, 7.30 - 10.30pm. $7 admission includes supper and drinks. Details, 9896 6956 or 0422 263 373 or

brett whitely gallery - rob riel - sept 23

September 23: Brett Whiteley Studio Reading: Rob Riel, poet, editor, publisher (Picaro Press), and readings from the Scanlon Prize for Indigenous Poetry winner.

Readings fourth Sunday of the month from 2pm, 2 Raper Street Surry Hills. Free entry. Guest Poet and Open Mic. Enquiries Brook Emery 0410 406 149

sept 9th - poetry reading @ friend in hand

September 9 Sunday Reading: 2 - 6pm: Friend In Hand Pub, Glebe: As part of National Poetry Week: Readings by Philip Hammiel, Pam Brown, Angela Stretch, Ivy Ireland, Nick Powell.

sappho books / pulp - kate fagan - sept 12

Poetry UnLimited Press (PULP) is delighted to invite you and your friends to our next Poetry Reading:
Wednesday September 12 *
7pm - 9pm
Sappho Books & Cafe
51 Glebe Pt Road
Ph 9552 4498

This month's Guest Poet Kate Fagan is a Sydney writer, editor and musician whose work includes The Long Moment (Salt UK 2002), the chapbooks return to a new physics (Vagabond 2002) and Thought’s Kilometre (Tolling Elves 2003), and the upcoming CD of readings Cellular Time (Stem Recordings, UK). Kate edited US online journal How2 (2002-2006; ) and wrote her PhD thesis on US poet Lyn Hejinian. Her debut solo album Diamond Wheel (2006) was co-produced with country/bluegrass veteran Rod McCormack and won the 2006 National Film & Sound Archive Award for Best Folk Album.

Don't forget - after the Guest Poet's Reading, you get a turn to read your own poetry in our Open Mic Competition, in front of a supportive poetry-loving audience.

(* The $2 entry fee includes a raffle ticket).

Thursday, August 30, 2007

tender muse - 22 september

Grief is the connecting tissue...

...Elegies for friends, lovers and those who have become strangers

tender muse by Shé Hawke and Carolyn van Langenberg

will be launched by Anna Gibbs at
The Feminist Bookshop
Shop 9
Orange Grove Plaza
Balmain Road

22 September - 4.00 for 4.30pm

RSVP: The Feminist Bookshop
email Gail
Ph: 02 9810 2666
Fax: 02 9818 5745

Published by Picaro Press

WordinHand! - Tuesday September 4th

International Poetry Slam - Sunday 2nd Sept

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tuesday 21st August: Word Jammin'

this ain't no spelling B!
this ain't no competition!

this month we're keyed up for a Sydney poet who embellishes the conventions of poetry through video poems and performance. a poet who merges various forms of music in hip-hop and jazz to enhance her poetry. the mix is challenging and hypnotic. we'll be tapping our fingers to: LULL... to find out more tap on her name

also on the page is another poet who blends poetry and music MUSA
Musicians this month include: Ashley Chatto on guitar and piano, Marc Van Voornun on guitar, Ben Eadie on drums and Regatz on tenor saxophone
WJ #4 has been type-set
are you in line this time?
+ open mic
Bar Me 154 Brougham Street, (cnr of William Street), Kings Cross
drs open 7.30pm Tue, 21 August 2007
$10.00 - $20.00 pizza meal deal
for more info please contact angela stretch mobile: 0434 898 578, eme:
this event is promoted by word of mouth, lashings of jam, cream and sticky spoken speak.

Wednesday August 22 Live Poets Society Reading: 'Yesterday's Warning'

Wednesday August 22nd

Live Poets' Society presents YESTERDAY'S WARNING: Poets and musicians responding to Climate Change +Global Warming, featuring singer/guitarist Paul Buckberry - at Don Bank, 6 Napier St North Sydney.

Calling all poets and miusicians to have your say! We've heard plenty from scientists, environmentalits, sceptics, 'flat earth'ers, fossil-fuel floggers, businessmen, Hollywood and the Rock Archive Firmament, not to mention Tim Flannery and the odd politician. Now is the time for The Artist to make a contribution!

Doors open 7.30 pm and $7 admission includes supper and liquid refreshment.
Please bring a copy of your poem/song - the night will be recorded for possible cd/book release.
Any further details: Danny Gardner 9896 6956 or 0422 263 373 or

Sunday, August 19, 2007

embassies - matthew da silva

Another poem / image combo - this time from Matthew Da Silva - enjoy...


Of light are the stars of frogs
Where street vendors
Release their pigeons, and dust
Has its time in among the follicles.
We keep one side to the light and one
We keep neglected lest the ghosts realise
That beyond the dark tree
Lies just a convenience store.

(Image: Matthew Da Silva - click to see full-size)

last ferry - carol jenkins

Carol Jenkins has provided both poem and image for us today.

Last Ferry

Late, inside this windowed room, the moon gone,
the Lady Wakehurst contends with each reflected
beam of light – the glass widows of bulbs
thrown about the dark, and like a ballroom
swaying from drink and dance, each of her
lit windows, arrive, aligned and shipshape,
suspended, see-sawing above the table,
as she travels the triangle between
this room, Manly and the Quay

(Image: Carol Jenkins - click to enlarge)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

desire - michelle cahill

Michelle Cahill's debut anthology The Accidental Cage was published at the end of 2006. Many thanks to Michelle for this evocative item.


The leafless arms of coral trees
leave their blood orange claws raw
like spring sculptures in copper wire.
Black swans simmer on the marsh lake.
When I touch you it rains desire.
Cats walking the street at night.
Your scent petals yield like broken
wisteria scattering their promise.

This poem first appeared in ‘four W’

Photo source: Max East

Friday, August 3, 2007

Poetry Without Borders

Poetry Without Borders
National Poetry Week Event
Sunday 2 September

Be part of a poetry reading with Chris Wallace Crabbe, Ouyang Yu, Judith Beveridge and Boey Kim Cheng Poetry Without Borders reading celebrates our cultural diversity during National Poetry Week. The proposed date will be 2/9/07 at 1.30 for 2pm and the venue will Customs House Library. If you feel inspired by this theme send us your expressions of interest. We are looking for another 5 poets or so to complete the line-up. Submit 3-5 poems with a short bio to the Poets Union, PO Box 91 Balmain NSW 2041 or email to by August 10 Please include all contact details including your email address.

This event is sponsored by:

Poets Union
Mascara Poetry Zine
City of Sydney

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

walking a desert track - danny gardner

Danny Gardner from Live Poets Society has taken time out from fixing his Norton and provided us with this little gem:

Walking a Desert Track

You hear voices...from the birds...
the movement of the smallest plants,
the wind through different delicate
textures of leaves;
the exaggerated eye of sky...
You hear voices. Do you hear voices?
Or are you just making up your own anew -
walking though time before language.

(c) Danny Gardner

Photo Source:

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who cares most about Sydney poetry?

So Google Analytics tells me that most of our site visitors come from...


specks - james campbell

James Campbell can be identified at Sydney poetry readings by his ever-present beenie hat. This is an excerpt of a poem that is almost certain to get us banned by filtering software up and down the land.

From Specks by James Campbell

If you’re a speck why you’ll feel fine,
for we’ve no need to prove to anyone
How fucking great we are,
no legend in a lifetime,
cos specks don’t have expectations,
We just enjoy the view,
and snuggle up against another speck,
Together we might be a nug of gold,
or then again,
a lump of shite.

Or maybe I’d be a speck of cum upon her breast,
now that’s my idea of heaven,
She’d touch me to excite herself,
I’d hear her moaning, fingers roaming
Down beyond where I could see,
shit I’d be aching,
and she’d be sweating,
Me, your little speck,
I’d go wherever,
do whatever,

Photo Source: bikeracer

ten things to wear forever - bill tibben

So our first actual poem on the blog is by the charismatic & beautiful Bill Tibben and it's short & sweet (just the way we like them round here).

ten things to wear forever

( a ‘meditation’ on the
front cover splash
of a fashion magazine )

the front cover
of the fashion magazine
blared a feature article
‘ten things to wear forever’

… what might mine be?

my skin
my scars
my breeding
and civility
my sins
my innocence
my fears
and confidences
my wrinkles
and my ring

Photo source: CWalker

Monday, July 30, 2007

Brett Whiteley Studio Reading: Marcella Polain

August 26th Brett Whiteley Studio Reading: Marcella Polain, poetry editor of Westerly, winner of the Anne Elder Award.

Readings held fourth Sunday of the month from 2pm, 2 Raper Street Surry Hills. $7/$5 concession for featured Guest and Open Mic. Enquiries Brook Emery 0410 406 149.

Square Circle Poetry Group - This Sunday

The Square Circle Poetry Group: meets first Sunday of the month 6.30pm - 9.30pm Heffron Hall, cnr Palmer and Burton streets Darlinghurst Info 9332 2886 or also for details on the Continental Philosophy Group 3.30 - 6.30pm Heffron Hall.

Phoenix - University Of Sydney Writer's Society

The University Of Sydney Writer's Society: Next meeting this Tuesday July 31 from 5.30pm-7pm in the Isobel Fidler Room, Manning Building. Come along to find out how you can be part of this year's Phoenix (The University of Sydney Writers' Journal). Details of writing groups and upcoming speakers (recent speakers included Kate Grenville and David Brooks) will be provided and you can enter the Open Mic (fiction and poetry) competition.

PULP: Susan Hampton

Poetry UnLimited Press (PULP) is delighted to invite you and your friends to the next Sappho Cafe Poetry Reading:
Wednesday August 8 7pm - 9pm
Sappho Books & Cafe
51 Glebe Pt Road
Ph 9552 4498

This month's Guest Poet is Canberra-based award-winning poet and editor Susan Hampton. For many years, Susan taught writing at universities. Her five books of poems include Costumes and A Latin Primer. With Kate Llewellyn, she co-edited The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets (1986). In 1990 she won the Steele Rudd Award for Surly Girls. Her latest book The Kindly Ones, from Five Islands Press, was shortlisted for five awards, and won The Judith Wright Poetry Prize for 2006. Susan also edits fiction, non-fiction and poetry. You can see samples of her work at Her books are also available through Don't forget - after the Guest Poet's Reading, you get a turn to read your own poetry in our Open Mic Competition, in front of a supportive poetry-loving audience. *$2 entry fee includes a raffle ticket.

Two Boys in A Rocket

Poetry and hip hop theatre from thomas and bravo
One night only
Friend in Hand, Glebe
8pm sharp
Slam after
Tuesday 7 August: $5

The blokey half of slam champions housecat havoc, thomas and bravo, weave poetry, song and animal tricks into a performance so poignantly beautiful that it would crush an orange.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Live Poets Society: Three Men From Iraq

Continuing its long tradition of presenting poetry and literature from other cultures/other languages Live Poets' Society welcomes Three Men from Iraq - poets Jamal al Hallaq and Fadeel Khayat and translator Mohsen Beni Saeed - at Don Bank Museum TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 25th at Don Bank Museum, 6 Napier St North Sydney. There will be a brief talk about modern Iraqi poetry and how it impacts with society with feedback welcomed - and then the poets wil perform.There will also be an Open Section Expression where anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or a joke and/or play an instrument.Doors open 7.30. $7 admission includes supper and drinks.Further details: Danny Gardner 0422 263 373 or

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PULP Poetry Party Update

"Just a note to say thanks to the 95+ people, including Guest Editor Judith Beveridge and Guest Poets Peter Boyle, Stuart Rees, Joanne Burns and Stephen Edgar, who came to the launch of our journal Ilumina on Wednesday.

We'd also like to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who bought multiple copies (!!!), especially Selected Poets (who already had their free copies): notably Cathy Bray, Michael Buhagiar, Ashley Burton, Carolyn Rickett, Tessa Lunney, Meredith Pitt, Jill Gientzotis, Mario Cabrera, Jennifer Campbell and Onur Karaozbek. Now that everyone has had a chance to look at the Journal (and see how good it is),

PLEASE support this not-for-profit initiative and help us sell the last 50 copies, so we can do it again next year. Please reserve a copy ($24.95) by return email.Last but definitely not least: a heartfelt thanks to those who helped out on the night: especially Lynnette Simons, Maestro Hostess of the Terrace; Vesna Leto who selected the excellent wines for the night; Number One Helpers Ashley Burton and Libby Lin; indispensable Julianne Wargren for printing all the invites, and as always Ralph Bergmann (also the Production Manager for the Journal)."

- Roberta

Friday, July 13, 2007

Poetry Unlimited Anthology Lauch & Open Mike - Wed 11 July

Just missed this one @ Sappho Books in Glebe...

Guest poet & open mic next month also...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Word Spoken Word - Parramatta Friday June 29th

One Word, Spoken Word open mic night will be on Friday 29 June 2007. Come along to be entertained or to entertain!!! You can perform your original work or your favourite pieces of writing by others, or just come along to listen. Everyone is welcome!!! We would love to see you there. 331 Church Street, Parramatta, at Mars Hill Cafe across from Brand Smart.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live Poet's Society - Wednesday 27 June

"We have our poet from Indonesia, Ketut Yuliarsa, checking in. We're having some legong music and a bit of a gado-gado supper to complement the atmosphere and I will be going to try out a game involving a mask - a reference to Indonesian theatre. Should be fun - with the heaters turned up full blast!" - Danny Gardner.

Don Bank Museum from 7.30 pm.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Words! Music! Lights! Camera! Action!!!!

This blog says what it means and means what it says.


Give us your poor, your huddled masses. Or your poetry events.

And links to your poetry.