Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poets Union seek space

Since the mid-nineties the Poets Union have enjoyed the support of Leichhardt Council which, in addition to sponsoring the Leichhardt Poetry Slam and the Leichhardt New Media Poetry Prize, has allowed us to occupy two rooms at the Balmain Town Hall complex at a modest rent ($66 per week, including GST). Unfortunately, Leichhardt Council plans to redevelop and extend the library and our tenure will cease at the end of the year.

We are currently in discussion with the City of Sydney regarding a poetry centre, but should this come to fruition it will be some time hence and we need accommodation in the meantime.

As a non-profit arts organisation, we are not able to pay commercial rents, but our status as a tax exempt charity and as a deductible gift recipient would allow a benefactor to claim as a tax deduction, the difference between the rent we pay and the property’s commercial value.

Should you have a suitable space, please contact me at the numbers below.

A brief history of the Poets Union and list of its committee follow.

Should you require documentation attesting our income tax exempt charity status; or status as a deductible gift recipient, please contact the Poets Union office.

Jutta Sieverding
Poets Union
Office: 9818 5366 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Mobile: 0438 415 712 (anytime)


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