Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Bard and I

Is Shakespeare still hot? Decide after you participate in this lively late spring celebration of the Bard and contemporary poetry.

Sydney poets will recite Shakespeare and their own work in our cosmopolitan languages.Come and share your favourite soliloquy or sonnet, relate your first experience of the Bard or read your own poem. What you will, as you like it.

7pm Sat 17th November

Rudolf Steiner House, 307 Sussex St, Sydney

Cosmopolitan Sydney in Conversation

Enquiries: 02 9484 3392 Entry: $5

The Bard and I is convened by Ten Ch'in Ü (the editor and independent publisher of the anthology Mood Lightning with over 80 contributors, mostly from Sydney, which won the Wild and Woolley Prize for Best Poetry 2005).

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