Tuesday, July 31, 2007

specks - james campbell

James Campbell can be identified at Sydney poetry readings by his ever-present beenie hat. This is an excerpt of a poem that is almost certain to get us banned by filtering software up and down the land.

From Specks by James Campbell

If you’re a speck why you’ll feel fine,
for we’ve no need to prove to anyone
How fucking great we are,
no legend in a lifetime,
cos specks don’t have expectations,
We just enjoy the view,
and snuggle up against another speck,
Together we might be a nug of gold,
or then again,
a lump of shite.

Or maybe I’d be a speck of cum upon her breast,
now that’s my idea of heaven,
She’d touch me to excite herself,
I’d hear her moaning, fingers roaming
Down beyond where I could see,
shit I’d be aching,
and she’d be sweating,
Me, your little speck,
I’d go wherever,
do whatever,

Photo Source: bikeracer

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