Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PULP Poetry Party Update

"Just a note to say thanks to the 95+ people, including Guest Editor Judith Beveridge and Guest Poets Peter Boyle, Stuart Rees, Joanne Burns and Stephen Edgar, who came to the launch of our journal Ilumina on Wednesday.

We'd also like to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who bought multiple copies (!!!), especially Selected Poets (who already had their free copies): notably Cathy Bray, Michael Buhagiar, Ashley Burton, Carolyn Rickett, Tessa Lunney, Meredith Pitt, Jill Gientzotis, Mario Cabrera, Jennifer Campbell and Onur Karaozbek. Now that everyone has had a chance to look at the Journal (and see how good it is),

PLEASE support this not-for-profit initiative and help us sell the last 50 copies, so we can do it again next year. Please reserve a copy ($24.95) by return email.Last but definitely not least: a heartfelt thanks to those who helped out on the night: especially Lynnette Simons, Maestro Hostess of the Terrace; Vesna Leto who selected the excellent wines for the night; Number One Helpers Ashley Burton and Libby Lin; indispensable Julianne Wargren for printing all the invites, and as always Ralph Bergmann (also the Production Manager for the Journal)."

- Roberta

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